6 Water Filter Types

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Water is the Elixir of Life! The Fountain  of Youth!

I love water, pure crisp clean water that when it joins my pallet they become one as if drinking the essence of life itself. 

No flavor, no color, just pure ecstasy. To drink water in its purest form to me feels like God is exclaiming “Yes, my child, yes!” 

You know how it is said that cleanliness is next to godliness? That to me means soap and water is all that is needed to get you in the door to the Big Guy. 

Whether cleaning your body, baby, car or cat all that is needed is water and soap. A long invigorating shower or relaxing aromatherapy bath does wonders for any mood. Optimally access clean soft water through a good filtration system would be most effective. But in absence of filtered water try a ***lemon rinse prior to your final rinse. The ideal being the lemon juice has antiseptic among other beneficial properties will act as a buffer between your skin and hard water.  

My mother would tell you my passion began in utero. She said I’d splash around for what seemed like hours in her belly. Not kicking just felt like swimming. After birth I would cry when taken away from my little bathtub. 

But I will tell you it began in Pennsylvania where I grew up. We could take empty bottles to the natural spring and fill them up for 5₵ each. Capitalism has made them less accessible but Natural Spring and Well Water are still around. Just bing or google for local listings. 

Do you mask the flavor of tap water with tea or an artificial additive? Does your tap water have a piercing smell? Next, consider the contaminants that may be contained in ordinary tap water. 

The EPA has set water quality standards (WQS) because of the contaminants flowing through community water. The list of contaminants is lengthy from Ammonia to Zinc. The EPA enforces these standards to ensure your tap water has safe levels of pollutants.

The CDC provides the list possible contaminants and safe levels. Scientific findings must be continually updated for pesticides, bacteria, Mercury, lead and arsenic to name but a few. 

Smelly water comes from dissolved solids, bacteria, decay of organic matter, Acrolein in tap water has a very piercing smell of burning fat. 

Acrolein comes from its industrial use as an herbicide to control algae, submerged and floating weeds. It is toxic and is irritating to eyes, nose and skin. 

Your local water treatment facility is responsible for following EPA and CDC guidelines and would be responsible for removing or treating any substance that cause odors.

Our water supply come from lakes, reservoirs, rivers, surface or groundwater.  If you have ever been past a water treatment facility you can smell what they are up against. 

Regulations of the standards set forth by the EPA and Clean Water Act are approved on a regional level.  The CDC provides the list of contaminants that must be removed as established by the Clean Water Act. Clean safe water quality is a big deal. It is not only a necessity it is the law.

Some people with severely compromised immune systems have an increased risk of unseen microscopic organisms being present in their water and should take special precautions with the water they drink. 

Water testing is a wide ranged concept because it encompasses various procedures that analyze water quality. Water everywhere is subject to testing. Testing is for concern for personal family health and safety and to fulfill a regulatory requirements in your city or town. Click **PDF for great info on home water testing PDF provided by the EPA.

Boiling water for a full minute can kill some fungi. It is best to know what lurks in your water by testing.

You can find your states WQS by visiting the EPA website.

6 Water Filter Types

Costs vary depending on type (faucet, kitchen sink, shower, free-standing etc.) or where and how they’re installed or by the contaminants it removes. You may have a system connecting to your refrigerator ice or water system. Or connected to your main water source so that all water is treated. You may be treating to soften or to drink. Whatever your need quality filtration can be $20 and up to several thousands. They all require maintenance. Many would not be without a water treatment system. Always follow manufactures instructions.

Filters come in fabric, fiber and ceramic. The most common use activated carbon and are effective in improving taste. But can also reduce lead, cysts and other contaminants. Read the label carefully.

Activated Carbon Filter An activated carbon filter ensures that the end result tastes better and it gives a pleasant odor. This is because these filters serve to decrease the amount of chlorine present in the water along with other contaminants which make it unpleasant to drink. They will require maintenance. To prevent your unit from clogging follow manufactures instructions to determine when filter change is needed.


Distillers These systems heat water to the boiling point, then collect the vapors in the gas state as it condenses. Vaporization kill disease-causing microbes. Distilling leaves whatever contaminants are present unless the system is specifically designed to remove them. The taste to some is acquired and has been described as flat. Possibly due to natural minerals being removed.

Because minerals are removed from distilled water it is not ideal to drink long term. The benefit to drinking distilled water is if you have eaten or have been exposed to toxins such as pesticides. This inorganic matter can affect the bodies ability to absorb nutrients. When consuming distilled water for the purpose stated here is to detox the distilled water. Flushing the toxins from your body will allow nutrient rich foods to get to your organs to maintain proper function.

Reverse Osmosis - RO This system is quite popular in millions of American households. Particularly if you have a family, children, you have a compromised immune system or just want the best protection against water borne disease and water contamination. This system removes nitrates, pesticides, sulfates, fluoride, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, arsenic also has a carbon filter that will remove chlorine . Can be pricey as it forces 3x as much water as it treats through a semi-permeable membrane. This process will let certain ions or molecules through leaving contaminants behind. The result of RO is confidence a sense of relief and great tasting water.
Water Ionizer aka Alkaline Ionizers Water ionizers make the use of a process referred to as electrolysis. It means that the water being filtered is passed over electrically charged plates separated into two streams. One stream of water is alkaline while the other is acidic.
The process softens water and raises pH of drinking water.

UV Filters UV filters are one of the latest technological advances in the water filtration market.  UV filters are capable of destroying 99.99% of harmful microorganisms and disinfects bacteria without adding chemicals. The UV Water Filtration system is often used with RO systems otherwise would not be good for drinking.
Infrared Filters
Similar to UV water filtration systems and are also new to the market. This technology introduces infrared light to tap water removes bacteria and impurities, is also a water softener leave behind traces of heavy metals and chlorine and is not advisable for drinking. Infrared filters make use of light and heat for negatively charging the water and giving it a softer feel making Infrared very effective in hard water treatment.

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**PDF courtesy of EPA United States Environmental Protection Agency

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  • Thanks, this is a great article. I never considered a type. it seems the carbon may be the most popular. I think I got filters to improve taste but now that I know filter prevent contaminants with contribute to taste, for getting into your water. I will pay more attention. I also never considered treating hard water. I would just use creams; topical remedies.

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