Benefit of Bathing

There is more to bathing than becoming clean. It is probably the best incentive but not the only one. Here I have listed 10 benefits of the shower or bath.

  1. Lower Stress A hot shower relaxes the mind and body and removes stress. The hot water widens blood vessels to increase blood flow muscles become more supple and nerve endings are stimulated blocking the pain. An added benefit to this is the heat helps to transport toxins out of sore muscles to the skin's surface to be washed away.
  2. Exfoliates There is bacteria that cannot withstand heat. That is why a hot shower can help kill off such germs and reduce the chance of infection. Kosher or Coarse Sea salts, Epsom salts are also good additions to exfoliation. Add a drop of essential lavender oil to hot bath water. Essential lavender oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-depressant, antibacterial, antimicrobial properties, antiseptic, detoxifying and sedative effects .
  3. Pain Relief A hot shower has been proven effective against arthritis decreasing inflammation and improving circulation. 
  4. Lowers Blood Pressure Heat lowers blood pressure. The shower warms the blood in your vessels at the surface or epidermis level of the skin.  It heats your organs and deep muscle tissue causing improved blood flow so that the heart does not have to work as hard. 
  5. Equal To A Warmup  Whenever you are about to start doing a serious physical workout, it is recommended that you warm up first. A hot shower has the same effect. 
  6. Improve Sleep It is natures sedative. Whether shower or bath the result is the same. Raises your body temperature ever so slightly to induce sleep. As you fall asleep, the divine at work, your temperature slowly drops back to normal. 
  7. Promotes Weight Loss From an Ayurvedic standpoint maintaining a balance of water and air promotes weight loss. Thus, when these elements are imbalanced it causes dis-ease and weight gain. The hot water helps to move the toxins that block free movement creating balance, speeds up metabolism and betters digestion. 
  8. Aids in Breathing A cold shower increases your heart rate, the rush of blood through your body not only energizes but deepens your breathing in response to the shock increasing your oxygen intake. 
  9. Balneotherapy This is a medical term and means the treatment of disease through bathing in minerals. Per iMac dictionary Version 2.2.1 (194.1). Also per, webmd very few claims are backed by science. The most well known study being the one focused on the therapeutic effect of the Dead Sea in Israel.
  10. Ease Medical Conditions A hot bath with Epsom Salts is a home treatment for Fibromyalgia a condition that causes tenderness throughout your body and makes muscles, tendons and ligaments hurt. 

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