Did you know? You may not see it but the “Toilet Plume” is the spray of microscopic particles of urine and even fecal matter occurring when the toilet is flushed. The spray can reach a vertical height of close to 3’[feet].

The question for me is twofold. A)”Is all this plumage in public restrooms and B) Can the Corona be spread thru it?”

Yes, there is evidence that the virus is found in human waste. Keep your mask on when flushing in public.


Close Lid Then Flush



Did You Know that there is a little round hole at the bottom of a padlock & while it is not for a 2nd key, it does serve a little known purpose.  The hole is also there to allow water to run through as most padlocks are used outside to close large gates, or metal containers also if water does cause some rusting you can oil the lock through that little hole.



Did You Know the purpose for that odd diamond-shaped design on backpacks? Yeah, it actually has a name. It is called a lash-tag or pig-snout. That patch is meant to hold things that may not fit inside or that you may want easy access to. Like your water bottle if you're using it for its most common purpose; backpacking, climbing, camping and more. Having your water bottle handy is ideal. You can also lace a change of boots if your current pair gets wet dredging through a lake or are sweated out.


Tire treads

Unlike racecars regular tires have treads. The reason being water is forced out by the tread to keep the contact between the road surface and the tire.


Fingernail whitener

You can always make a paste using baking soda, peroxide, lemon and toothbrush. But the quick solution is to use toothpaste. The whitening kind is just as effective with all the ingredients in one tube of paste. Toothpaste usually has baking soda and low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide added which is pretty much the whitening agent and disinfectant. Always rinse with clean filtered water.



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