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A passion of mine has long been holistic remedies and nutritional values of foods.

I find it disgusting how what we are being sold at the grocery store can be so confusing and misleading.

Why do these companies work so hard to mislead? If you have nothing to hide you do not have to be misleading. Your products will sell on there own merit. Sadly it is not our right to know. And is theres to no disclose things that would help us to make an informed decision about what we consume. The USDA protects companies against having to tell us if their food was genetically modified or bioengineered.

It will get to the point that the whole of the food chain will be replaced with GMOs because of money and power.


In 2016 Congress passed an amendment to the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946. Regulations drafted that establish mandatory food disclosure standards for labeling bioengineered foods.

Labeling standards only affect Retailers, Food Packagers and Importers

The final regulation protects “very small” food manufacturers.  And small means they have receipts of less than $2,500,000. 

The Standard does not apply to foods that are primarily meat, Catfish - Poultry or egg products.

In other words as long as the first / primary ingredient is Pork, beef, sheep, goat catfish, chicken, turkey or another domesticated bird it does not have to be labeled genetically modified. Because it is not protected by The Federal Meat Inspection Act, The Poultry products Inspection Act Or the Egg Product Inspection Act

So I will try to  un-complicate what has become very complicated. If the first ingredient is broth, stock or water go to the second ingredient. 

If the second ingredient is broth, stock or water it is subject to the standard of labeling.

But, If the second ingredient is any of the meat products mentioned that package is not subject to the standard of labeling.If the package content does not meet the standard to have to disclose GMOs within the first two ingredients any ingredient afterward even if bioengineered is not even considered in labeling.

Does that make sense? Of course not. But it is the law.

Bioengineered Food -contains genetic material that has been modified, the modification can not be obtained through nature or conventional breeding.

If it is found in Nature and goes through conventional breeding it can not be considered bioengineered, 

However, USDA will determine Case by Case,  if the food came from “conventional breeding” or if  a specific technique used would be considered “found in nature”. 


You can get a list of foods that are available in a bioengineered form from the USDA website. 

Corn makes the list. Surprisingly enough the exception is popcorn the USDA says All popcorn can be presumed to be NON-Bioengineered.

Corn is the most commonly grown crop in the United States and most of it is GMO. Created to resist insects, pests or tolerate herbicides. In the United States Over 95% of  the meat and dairy consumed come from animals that eat GMO crops. 

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