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 Okay, Let's learn about drinking water and ground water.

Keep up, because I will first tell you about ground water .

Water Wells

Also known as Wells or Private Drinking Water Wells.
Many households rely on wells. Millions are right here in America.
Wells collect groundwater.
Groundwater is the water found underground beneath the earth's surface in cracks and spaces in the dirt.
It moves around slowly through special rocks called aquifers.              These rocks are nature's way of filtering well water.
And a filter is what prevents the water you drink from getting pollution in it.
So Well water can be used to drink or to bathe. And, even though nature filters the water when it goes through the aquifers your parents will want to test it anyways to make sure no pollution got through the aquifers.

So how does it get to your house you ask?

Let's watch this video with my friend Squeaks
Alright, that was fun. Now let's talk about
drinking water.
Water makes all the good nutrients in the food that we eat work to keep us healthy.
Water keeps our bodies active.
We should remember to drink water when we are thirsty too.
Do you like riddles?
What do you 👥,  trees 🌴🌲🌳 and a puppy 🐶 have in common?
Do you need a hint?😊
Do you have the answer? 💧🏄💦⛲️
Alright, Good Job! I knew you would get the answer! 👏 
We are all alive and every living being needs water to live.
Water makes our bodies work right everyday.
Water has many important jobs.
And is the best way to keep our body cool. 


Do you like puzzles? 


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