Wash Your Hands

Germs are on every surface you touch, within and on our bodies. But did you know that not all germs are bad? We need some to keep us healthy and to build a healthy immune system.
Even our hands have good germs on them that bodies need to stay healthy. They live under the deeper layers of the skin, the epidermis.
Hands have bad germs on them that make you sick. These germs live on the surface of the skin and are easily killed or wiped away with soap and water or hand sanitizer.
Hand sanitizer has alcohol making it an excellent way to clean hands.
Alcohol kills the good germs too but they come back. 

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Studies show we should wash our hands for at least 15 seconds. Washing longer if needed. Be sure not to miss the thumbs, between your fingers and get the fingertips too. Rinse all soap residue. The longer hand washing takes the better. A fun timer is to sing happy birthday or the ABC's song twice.
You should even clean your hands after taking off gloves because the dirty gloves can soil hands.
Do not rely on healthcare workers to practice good hygiene. It is our responsibility to police them to keep them from touching you if they have not properly sanitized their hands. It may not be intentional; they can get very busy. Although there is no excuse. They may wash their hands over 100 times in a single shift.
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